Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #10/11

Winter 1995/1996


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A Blaise with Indignation
page 1 [.pdf file]


Service Undermined by Technology: An Examination of Gender Relations, Economics and Ideology
by Roma Harris, page 5 [.pdf file]

Information Technology and the Future of Work
by Stan A. Hannah and Michael H. Harris, page 23 [.pdf file]

Technology and Library and Information Science: Question or Answer?
by John Budd, page 43 [.pdf file]

The "Enola Gay" Controversy as a Library Issue
by Elaine Harger, page 60 [.pdf file]

IFLA and Human Rights
by Al Kagan, page 79 [.pdf file]


Resolution on the Importance of Freedom of Expression and Free Access to Information, passed by IFLA, August 1995
page 83 [.pdf file]

Resolution on New York Public Library's Science, Industry and Business Library, passed by the NYCCLC, September 1995
page 86 [.pdf file]

LIWO and the South African Unification Debate, adopted by Library and Information Workers, November 1995
page 87 [.pdf file]


Searches With No Direct Hits - Words. An OPAC-generated list
by Jessica Grim, page 90 [.pdf file]


Into the Future: The Foundations of Library and Information Services in the Post-Industrial Era, by Michael H. Harris and Stan A. Hannah
reviewed by Henry T. Blanke, page 92 [.pdf file]

Notes on Contributors
page 97 [.pdf file]