Progressive Librarian Issue no.10-11, Winter, 1995/96

Entire contents in .pdf


A Blaise with Indignation
page 1


Service Undermined by Technology: Gender Relations, Economics and Ideology
by Roma Harris, page 5

Information Technology and the Future of Work
by Stan A. Hannah and Michael H. Harris, page 23

Technology and Library and Information Science
by John Budd, page 43

The "Enola Gay" Controversy as a Library Issue (includes bibliography)
by Elaine Harger, page 60

IFLA and Human Rights
by Al Kagan, page 79


IFLA Resolution [on freedom of expression in Turkey]
page 83

Resolution on NYPL's SIBL
page 86

LIWO Statement
page 87


Searches With No Direct Hits - Words
by Jessica Grim, page 90


Into the Future, by Michael H. Harris and Stan A. Hanna
Reviewed by Henry T. Blanke, page 92