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PLG encourages the establishment of local, regional, and student chapters. To create a PLG chapter in your community, read the PLG Chapter guidelines. To learn more about PLG and progressive librarianship, the essay "Introducing PLG to a new librarian" by Kristine Kelleher and PLG's Statement of purpose are good starting points.

Active chapters

London (Ontario) PLG Chapter

Started at the University of Western Ontario by MLIS students, membership is open to any interested information workers in the London area. PLG London has a blog and is on Facebook and can be contacted at PLGlondonON at

St. Kate's PLG Chapter [website]

The College of St. Catherine Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) Student Chapter emphasizes collaborations with local libraries and activist groups. The St. Kate's PLG promotes campus discussion about progressive library issues while connecting students to ongoing radical library volunteer efforts. By incorporating service and action into St. Kate's MLIS program, the PLG student chapter embraces and expands upon the College's tradition of social responsibility. Contact: progressive at

Toronto PLG Chapter [website]

A group of librarians and library workers in the Toronto area who are concerned with social justice and equality issues related to stewardship of knowledge, open access to information, and common space.

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa PLG Chapter [website]

The PLG UH Student Chapter began out of an interest in opening up discussion about issues of social justice, diversity, and activism in librarianship, and how we can be agents of positive change. Contact: plgmanoa at

Inactive chapters

Dalhousie University PLG Chapter [website]

The first PLG student chapter in Canada at the School of Information Management (SIM), Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Drexel PLG Chapter [website]

Founded in early 2008, the Drexel student chapter furthers PLG's goals and collaborates with other radical groups on campus to contribute to the broader activist community in Philadelphia.

Emporia State University PLG Chapter

Located in Emporia, Kansas.

Indiana University PLG Chapter [website]

The Indiana University PLG Chapter seeks to promote socially responsible librarianship and provide a progressive forum for the exchange of ideas. The chapter encourages thoughtful discourse and discussion by hosting events, talks and panels that address professional, political, and societal issues that impact library and information workers and students.

Piedmont (SC) PLG Chapter [website]

"A Breed Apart Progressives in the Bible Belt." A group concerned with promoting progressive values in libraries and librarianship. As a chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild, we wholeheartedly support their statement of purpose and goals. We will also discuss issues that directly impact the Carolina Piedmont.

Vancouver PLG Chapter

School of Library, Archival, and Information Science (SLAIS) at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

SILS PLG Chapter [website]

Pratt Institute's School of Information and Library Science (SILS), New York City.

St. John's University PLG Chapter

At Facebook.

Simmons GSLIS PLG Chapter [website]

The student chapter at Simmons supports the PLG and its statement of principles by: encouraging and providing a forum for the open exchange of radical views on library issues; conducting campaigns to support progressive and democratic library activities on the local, national and international level; and promoting progressive activities, i.e. guest speakers, discussions, field trips and volunteer opportunities that enhance the professional development of its members.

University of Arizona PLG Chapter [website]

As the University of Arizona Chapter of Progressive Librarians Guild, we strive to uphold and promote social responsibility and diverse points of view through participation in the LIS field. We believe that direct communication on progressive issues with LIS students and professionals, as well as the community, will provide opportunities for improving libraries and communities for all. Through cooperative discussion, projects, and direct action on myriad subjects, and from multiple viewpoints, we aspire to attain the ideals of a true democratic society. The PLG-UA Chapter newsletter is found here.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign PLG Chapter

The GSLIS chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild fosters discussion and action related to librarianship and social responsibility, both within the graduate program as well as the greater field. We believe that the vital role of the library in a democratic society requires a politically and socially engaged profession. Contact Jessica Lynn Colbert,

University of Missouri PLG Chapter [website]

Currently our members are all graduate students in the School of Information Science & Learning Technology at the University of Missouri. The majority of us reside in Columbia, MO but we have in the past also had members in Springfield and St.Louis, MO. We are always looking for honorable causes to advocate and volunteer for and are always eager to meet fellow progressive librarians.

Wayne State University (Detroit) PLG Chapter [website]

The purpose of the PLG-WSU is to promote a politically/culturally progressive model of librarianship and graduate library and information science education. PLG-WSU is on Facebook. Join the Wayne State PLG discussion forum by sending an email to