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PLG is on hiatus, but new and renewing members welcome!

How to join PLG

Membership dues are $5.00.

The "join now" link below will take you to PLG's online membership portal at Member Planet, which allows you to choose either:

  1. to pay by mail with a check or money order, or
  2. to pay electronically.

Whether you choose to pay by check, money order, or online, you will be prompted by Member Planet to set up an account, which will then require you to provide your mailing address for the journal.

Questions regarding membership

What are the benefits of membership?

During this hiatus period, the benefits of paying membership dues are contributing to (1) the maintenance of PLG’s website, including the online archive of Progressive Librarian, (2) access to PLG’s listserv, and (3) the continuation of the Braverman Essay Contest.

I belong to a local or school chapter. How does that work?

Membership in PLG is separate from membership in a chapter. Chapters determine whether or not to collect additional dues from their members, and are wholly responsible for finances. PLG membership dues are $5.00/year. See here for chapter guidelines.

Last updated: 22 April 2022