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To commemorate Miriam Braverman's 1965 article "Mississippi Summer" that appeared in School Library Journal (November, 1965: 32-33) and reprinted in Library Journal (November 15: 5045-5047), special issue number 44 of Progressive Librarian is devoted to exploration of Freedom Libraries during the Freedom Summer of 1964. Issue 44 will reprint Miriam Braverman's article to set the stage for this special issue.

Research articles reflecting on the civil rights movement, Freedom Summer, and where librarianship stands today in relation to the history and present of this movement will be considered for inclusion in Issue 44. Essays, poems, reflection pieces, letters from elders to the next generation of librarians, images, drawings, graphics, bibliographies, and book reviews will also be considered for inclusion in Issue 44. Submissions are due by July 31, 2015. Consult Progressive Librarian's submission guidelines for information regarding format and style.

Progressive Librarian Guild's annual LIS student essay contest is named in honor of Miriam Braverman.

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