Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues


We make the road by walking

Pre-hiatus suggestions for participation in PLG included the following, and a new leadership team might reactivate them.

You can start by joining PLG, becoming a member.

We publish a journal (Progressive Librarian), we have a yearly LIS student essay contest (Miriam Braverman Award), we communicate via an e-mail list, on social media and through a news feed. All these are places where you can volunteer to help, you can write, you can discuss, you can propose, you can get informed, you can dream, organize, share...

But there are many other ways to participate.

Consider establishing a local PLG chapter.

If you keep a blog or any sort of platform, if you publish a newsletter or a zine, or do something related to information, libraries, books and PL perspectives, let us know, let's connect!

If you have pictures, we need pictures. We love them! Send them, along with interesting videos or audios... Share them with our community!

If you have news, if you have any sort of information that may be of interest, send it over. Let's make that information visible!

If you want to prepare texts or any other kind of document explaining something interesting, or how to do things (from binding a book to an anarchist cookbook of ideas), let us know!

If you want to go for direct action, let's talk! There's a lot that can be done!

Help PLG get the following projects up and running: PLG blog; resources page; progressive LIS instruction...

And, of course, take whatever you find interesting here and share it, distribute it, make it move and travel, make it cross frontiers and barriers!

Last updated: 15 April 2022