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PLG in Solidarity with Public Employees


Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) Stands in Solidarity with Public Employees

February 27, 2011

The Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) stands in solidarity with public employees in Wisconsin and in all other states across the nation where workers' rights to collective bargaining are under attack by governors and legislatures determined to use budgetary exigencies as a pretext to try to decisively break the back of the public-sector unions as a key part of an ideological agenda which seeks to fundamentally remake America, taking the country back to a pre-New Deal, pre-Progressive era regime of unfettered, rapacious corporate rule.

The attack on the public employees unions is only part of a broader assault on all aspects of democratic society aimed to turn the clock back on issues like women's rights, civil rights, education, and culture, environmental protection, social welfare and insurance, and the very existence of a public sector. Preventing this overturning of all the gains made through struggle and sacrifice in the previous century will require above all, the mobilization of a broad people's movement of a kind heralded by the sustained demonstration in Madison and spreading across the country as people begin to awaken to what is at stake.