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Cultural Human Rights


A Draft for the Declaration of Cultural Human Rights

Editorial Note

While the authorship of this document [invalid link] is lost in the mists of history at the moment, we know the following people worked on it in 1984: Maryo Ewell, Mark Miller and Arlene Goldbard. It was copyrighted and posted on the Internet in approximately 1996 by an ad hoc group that included Michael Schwartz, who gave CAN permission to post it on our Web site for historical interest. Schwartz believes that the last issue of Alliance for Cultural Democracy's (ACD) magazine, Cultural Democracy, also came out in 1996. We would appreciate hearing from anyone who has more recent information about the Alliance for Cultural Democracy.

The Declaration appears in Progressive Librarian #4 (Winter 1991/1992).

For more information about the concept of cultural democracy, visit Webster's World of Cultural Democracy and the Alliance for Cultural Democracy's Archive at Lincoln Cushing's Docs Populi.

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