PLG Call for Coordinating Committee Members

The Coordinating Committee (CC) is in need of 6 members to run PLG. What is involved in serving on the CC?

The Coordinating Committee communicates via listserv and Skype meetings. Each CC member helps as their time, interest, and expertise permit. See our guidelines for more information. Among the activities that PLG-CC members engage in are: publishing Progressive Librarian; maintaining the membership database; mailing the journal; acting as liaison to the Braverman Memorial Prize committee; organizing meetings in conjunction with ALA midwinter and annual gatherings; maintaining the Union Library Workers blog; reporting on PLG finances; acting as chapter liaison; and coordinating external communications via social media.

We also have a pressing need for someone interested in library unions to take over maintenance of the Union Library Workers blog from Sarah Barriage. Sarah is stepping down from this task to focus on her doctoral work. The Union blog, begun by Kathleen de la Pena McCook, was continued by Braden Cannon until Sarah became the only source of information about library unions. Sarah is willing to assist in transferring the blog into new hands.

Contact Elaine Harger if you are interested in serving on the CC. Thanks for considering this opportunity, and many thanks to all present and past PLG CC members.