Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #46

Winter 2017/2018


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by Jennifer Williams, Nathaniel Moore, and Elaine Harger; page 3


The Fight for Public Library Funding: Demonstrate Value or Demonstrate in the Streets?
by Stavroula Harissis, page 5

Degrading Professional Librarian Status at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, 2007-2015 — a policy history
by Thomas H. Kreneck, page 12

Ideology and Rhetoric of Undergraduate Student Workers in Academic Libraries
by Elliott Kuecker, page 50

ALA, IFLA, and South Africa
by Al Kagan, page 63

Information Preferences of Reddit Communities Surrounding the Brock Turner Case
by Kathryne Brattland, page 86

Invisible and Inaccessible: Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Inc. — A Mixed Methods Inquiry
by Laura Patino & Joyce M. Latham, page 101

OERS and a Language of Urgency
by Jaci Wilkinson, page 114

Criminalizing Information Providers: Sharina, Gomez, Elbakyan and Schwartz
by David Ramirez-Ordoñez and Virginia Inés Simón, page 120


“Deprofessionalization, Cutbacks & Progressive Librarianship in the Trump Era”
25 June 2017, ALA Conference, Chicago

Neoliberalism and the Academy
by Peter McDonald, page 128

November 8, 2016, the Public, and Libraries
by John Buschman, page 135

Efficiency or Jagged Edges: Resisting Neoliberal Logics of Assessment
by Maura Seale, page 140

Community-Building vs. Customer-Driven Librarianship: Countering Neoliberal Ideology in Public Libraries
by Mark Hudson, page 145


Personal Health Data, Surveillance, & Biopolitics: Toward a Personal Health Data Information Literacy
by Matthew Weirick Johnson, page 149


Higher Learning and the American Academic Library in the Twilight Era of Neoliberalism
a review essay by John M. Budd & Bart M. Harloe, page 158


ALA Resolution on Libraries as Responsible Spaces, page 178

ALA Resolution on Access to Accurate Information, page 179

ALA Statement on Global Climate Change, page 181