Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #43

Winter 2014


Download complete issue [.pdf file]


Organize and Assemble IV Conference Proceedings: An Introduction
by the 2014 Symposium Organizing Committee, page 3 [.pdf file]


The Edmonton PLG: Our First Five Years
by Braden Cannon, page 5 [.pdf file]

The Commodification of Information and the Public Good: New Challenges for a Progressive Librarianship
by Samuel E. Trosow, page 17 [.pdf file]

Response to Dr. Samuel E. Trosow's Keynote Address
by Michael B. McNally, page 30 [.pdf file]

You Say You Want a Publishing Revolution
by Robyn Hall, page 35 [.pdf file]

Balancing Visions and Values: An exploration of market rhetoric in Canadian academic library strategic plans
by Courtney Waugh, page 47 [.pdf file]

Human Rights and Access to Information
by Bartlomiej Lenart and Miranda Koshelek, page 57 [.pdf file]

Neoliberalism and Library & Information Science: Using Karl Polanyi's Fictitious Commodity as an Alternative to Neoliberal Conceptions of Information
by Jonathan Cope, page 67 [.pdf file]

Critiquing and Conveying Information about Fracking through Song Parody: The Annotated Libretto of Frackville, the Horizontally Drilled Musical, with Interpolated Bibliography
by Wendy Highby, page 81 [.pdf file]


Showing Solidarity: 2014 Union Review
by Sarah Barriage, page102 [.pdf file]