Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #41

Fall 2013


Download complete issue [.pdf file]


Conscience v. Political Expediency at ALA
by Elaine Harger, page 1 [.pdf file]


Democracy, Market Solutions, and Educative Institutions: A Perspective on Neoliberalism
by John Buschman, page 5 [.pdf file]

Situating the Customer: The Genealogy of Customer Language in Libraries
by Susan Maret and Ben Eagle, page 18 [.pdf file]

Historical Roots of Faith (in the Market): Neoliberalism Before the "Neo"
by John Buschman, page 39 [.pdf file]

Days of Action: Madison Graduation Speech - 19 May 2013
by Toni Samek, page 52 [.pdf file]

Adventures in Copyright Violation: The Curious Case of Utopian Constructions
by Lincoln Cushing, page 63 [.pdf file]

Audiovisual Patrimonie for Libraries
by Howard Besser, page 67 [.pdf file]


Organize and Assemble II: Progressive Librarians' Guild Edmonton's Symposium
by Stephen MacDonald, page 74 [.pdf file]

"Library Workers Will Not Be Shushed": 2012 Union Review
by Sarah Barriage, page 86 [.pdf file]


Loud Hands in the Library: Neurodiversity in LIS Theory & Practice
by Emily Lawrence, page 98 [.pdf file]


PLG Resolution on Divestment of Holdings in Fossil Fuel Companies and Libraries' Role in a Peaceful Transition to a Fossil-Fuel-Free Economy
page 110 [.pdf file]

Resolution in support of whistleblower Bradley Manning
page 113 [.pdf file]

Resolution in support of whistleblower Edward Snowden
page 116 [.pdf file]

Resolution on the Need for Reforms for the Intelligence Community to Support Privacy, Open Government, Government Transparency, and Accountability
page 119 [.pdf file]


Libraries and the Enlightenment, by Wayne Bivens-Tatum
reviewed by Erik Estep, page 122 [.pdf file]

Women of Library History [at Tumblr]
reviewed by Katharine Phenix, page 124 [.pdf file]