Progressive Librarian Issue no. 41, Fall 2013

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Entire contents in .pdf


Conscience v. Political Expediency at ALA
by Elaine Harger, page 1


Democracy, Market Solutions, and Educative Institutions: A Perspective on
Neoliberalism by John Buschman, page 5

Situating the Customer: The Genealogy of Customer Language in Libraries
by Susan Maret and Ben Eagle, page 18

Historical Roots of Faith (in the Market): Neoliberalism Before the “Neo”
by John Buschman, page 39

Days of Action: Madison Graduation Speech – 19 May 2013
by Toni Samek, page 52

Adventures in Copyright Violation: The Curious Case of Utopian
Constructions by Lincoln Cushing, page 63

Audiovisual Patrimonie for Libraries
by Howard Besser, page 67


Organize and Assemble II: Progressive Librarians’ Guild Edmonton’s
Symposium by Stephen MacDonald, page 74

“Library Workers Will Not Be Shushed”: 2012 Union Review
by Sarah Barriage, page 86


Loud Hands in the Library: Neurodiversity in LIS Theory & Practice
by Emily Lawrence, page 98


PLG Resolution on Fossil Fuel Divestment, page 110

SRRT Resolution on Bradley Manning, page 113

Resolution on Edward Snowden, page 116

IFC and COL Resolution Substituting “Snowden”, page 119


Libraries and the Enlightenment by Wayne Bivens-Tatum reviewed
by Erik Estep, page 122

Women of Library History
[at Tumblr], reviewed
by Katharine Phenix, page 124