Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #4

Winter 1991/1992


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The Culture Wars
page 3 [.pdf file]


The Pro-Machine Bias: The Fate of the Luddites
by David Linton, page 7 [.pdf file]

Community Libraries: A Viable Alternative to the Public Library in South Africa?
by Christine Stilwell, page 17 [.pdf file]

Politically Controversial Monographs
by Charles Willett, page 28 [.pdf file]


A Declaration of Cultural Human Rights: Draft
page 38 [.pdf file]

Few Voices, Many Worlds. Istanbul Statement, Adopted June 21, 1991
page 46 [.pdf file]

Statement and Resolution to the IFLA Conference, Moscow, August 1991, Adopted by the LIWO (South Africa) at its first AGM, Piertermaritzburg, 27 July 1991
page 48 [.pdf file]

The Cultural Boycott
page 51 [.pdf file]


VDT Survey, AFSCME Locals 2477 and 2910, Library of Congress
by Saul Schniderman, page 53 [.pdf file]

Occupational Safety and Health Resources
by Elaine Harger, page 59 [.pdf file]

VDT (Song)
by Tom Juravich, page 64 [.pdf file]

Book Review: Taking Liberties: National Barriers to the Free Flow of Ideas, by Elizabeth Hull
reviewed by Elaine Harger, page 66 [.pdf file]

Notes on Contributors
page 71 [.pdf file]