Progressive Librarian Issue no. 36-37, Fall 2011

Entire contents in .pdf


Walkerville, New Democrats & "Wishes in the Wind" Rolling Back the 20th Century in Wisconsin
by Joyce M. Latham, page 3

Under Our Own Umbrella: Mobilizing Research Evidence for Early Literacy Programs in Public Libraries
by Rosamund K. Stooke & Pamela J. McKenzie, page 15

Revisiting the Concept of the Political Library in the World of Web 2.0 Technologies
by Leif Kajberg, page 30

Economics of Information: A Brief Introduction
by Will Wheeler, page 42

Another World Possible: Radical Archiving in the 21st Century
by Kim Schwenk, page 51

Studies in Progressive Public Librarianship: Training for Alternative Service
by Shiraz Durrani, page 59


Design Implications: How Space Can Transform the Library and its Public
by Tiffany Chow, page 71


PLG Stands in Solidarity with Public Employees
page 105

A Response to McMaster University Librarian Jeff Trzeciak From Edmonton Chapter, PLG
page 106

PLG Statement on Occupy Wall Street
page 108


Conference Proceedings: Organize & Assemble – the First Symposium of the Edmonton Branch of the PLG
by Stephen MacDonald, page 77


Government Secrecy, edited by Susan Maret
Reviewed by Peter McDonald, page 83

Critical Theory for Library and Information Science, edited by Leckie, Given & Buschman
Reviewed by Kevin Rioux, page 86 (related book review in Spanish)

Introduction to Public Librarianship, 2nd Edition by Kathleen de la Peña McCook
Reviewed by Mark Hudson, page 89

The Atlas of New Librarianship, by R. David Lankes
Reviewed by Elaine Harger, page 91

Beyond Article 19: Libraries and Social and Cultural Rights, edited by Julie Biando Edwards and Stephan P. Edwards
Reviewed by Katharine Phenix, page 99