Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #36/37

Fall 2011


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Walkerville, New Democrats & "Wishes in the Wind" Rolling Back the 20th Century in Wisconsin
by Joyce M. Latham, page 3 [.pdf file]

Under Our Own Umbrella: Mobilizing Research Evidence for Early Literacy Programs in Public Libraries
by Rosamund K. Stooke and Pamela J. McKenzie, page 15 [.pdf file]

Revisiting the Concept of the Political Library in the World of Web 2.0 Technologies
by Leif Kajberg, page 30 [.pdf file]

Economics of Information: A Brief Introduction
by Will Wheeler, page 42 [.pdf file]

Another World Possible: Radical Archiving in the 21st Century
by Kim Schwenk, page 51 [.pdf file]

Studies in Progressive Public Librarianship: Training for Alternative Service
by Shiraz Durrani, page 59 [.pdf file]


Design Implications: How Space Can Transform the Library and its Public
by Tiffany Chow, page 71 [.pdf file]


Conference Proceedings: Organize & Assemble. The First Symposium of the Edmonton Branch of the Progressive Librarians Guild
by Stephen MacDonald, page 77 [.pdf file]


Government Secrecy, edited by Susan Maret
reviewed by Peter McDonald, page 83 [.pdf file]

Critical Theory for Library and Information Science: Exploring the Social from Across the Disciplines, edited by Gloria J. Leckie, Lisa M. Given and John E. Buschman
reviewed by Kevin Rioux, page 86 [.pdf file] (related book review in Spanish)

Introduction to Public Librarianship, 2nd Edition, by Kathleen de la Peña McCook
reviewed by Mark Hudson, page 89 [.pdf file]

The Atlas of New Librarianship, by R. David Lankes
reviewed by Elaine Harger, page 91 [.pdf file]

Beyond Article 19: Libraries and Social and Cultural Rights, edited by Julie Biando Edwards and Stephan P. Edwards
reviewed by Katharine Phenix, page 99 [.pdf file]


Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) Stands in Solidarity with Public Employees
page 105 [.pdf file]

A Response to McMaster University Librarian Jeff Trzeciak from the Edmonton Chapter of the PLG
page 106 [.pdf file]

PLG Statement on Occupy Wall Street, 10/06/11
page 108 [.pdf file]

Notes on Contributors
page 109 [.pdf file]