Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #31

Summer 2008


Download complete issue [.pdf file]


Cultivating a Culture of Freedom of Expression in the Library Workplace
by Toni Samek, page 3 [.pdf file]


Workplace Speech in Libraries
by Kathleen de la Peña McCook, page 6 [.pdf file]

Reading and Culture: the Challenge of Progressive Era Beliefs in the Postmodern World
by Jenny Bossaller and Doug Raber, page 17 [.pdf file]

Library Science in Mexico: a Discipline in Crisis
by Angel Castillo and Carlos Martinez, page 29 [.pdf file]

Jamming in the Stacks: Music as a Progressive Librarian Ideal
by Scott J. Simon, page 37 [.pdf file]


Just Throw it All Away! (and other thoughts I have had that may bar me from a career in archiving)
by Miriam Rigby, page 46 [.pdf file]


On the Misrepresentation & Misunderstanding of Library Archives and Special Collections in the case of the National Review's "Investigation" of Documents Housed in the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago - August 2008
page 53 [.pdf file]

PLG Statement on WiFi in Libraries & the Precautionary Principle - June 16, 2008
page 56 [.pdf file]

Fact Sheet 2008. Library Workers: Facts & Figures
page 59 [.pdf file]

Fact Sheet 2008. Professional Women: Vital Statistics
page 67 [.pdf file]

The Union Difference for Library Workers. Salary Survey 2006
page 75 [.pdf file]


College Libraries and the Teaching/Learning Process: Selections from the Writings of Evan Ira Farber, edited by David Gansz
reviewed by Eileen H. Kramer, page 104 [.pdf file]

Mrs. Magavero: A History Based on the Career of an Academic Librarian, by Jane Brodsky Fitzpatrick
reviewed by Cody Hennesy, page 106 [.pdf file]

Notes on Contributors
page 108 [.pdf file]