Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #2

Winter 1990/1991


Download complete issue [.pdf file]


Libraries at the end of History?
by Mark Rosenszweig, page 2 [.pdf file]

Libraries and the Comercialization of Information: Towards a Critical Discourse of Librarianship
by Henry T. Blanke, page 9 [.pdf file]

The Global Commercialization of Culture
by Herbert I. Schiller, page 15 [.pdf file]

The Progressive Librarians Council and its Founders
by Rosalee McReynolds, page 23 [.pdf file]

Censorship in South Africa in an Era of Glasnost
by Christopher Merrett, page 30 [.pdf file]


South Africa: Address to United Nations, 11/26/90, by Joseph Reilly
page 41 [.pdf file]

South Africa: LIWO's Guiding Principles
page 44 [.pdf file]

Middle East: PLG Press Release on Gulf Crisis, 9/90
page 47 [.pdf file]

Middle East: MSRRT Persian Gulf Resolution, 1/91
page 48 [.pdf file]


Small Press Center
by Karen Gisonny, page 50 [.pdf file]

Suppression of Information Under Israeli Rule: A Bibliography
by the Palestine Human Rights Information Center, page 52 [.pdf file]

Book Review: The Alienated Librarian, by Marcia Nauratil
reviewed by Henry T. Blanke, page 55 [.pdf file]

Notes on Contributors
page 59 [.pdf file]

PLG Statement of Purpose (draft)
page 60 [.pdf file]