Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #1

Summer 1990


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The South Africa "Book Boycott": Censorship or Solidarity?
by Mark Rosenzweig and Elaine Harger, page 2 [.pdf file]

International Librarianship and the Struggle for Democracy in South Africa
by Joseph Reilly, page 16 [.pdf file]

The Starvation of Young Black Minds? A Critique
by Al Kagan and Corinne Nyquist, page 18 [.pdf file]

Interviews with South African Library Users
by Joseph Reilly, page 21 [.pdf file]

The Times/ Miscovers the AMC
by Dennis A. Mumble, page 25 [.pdf file]

ANC Memorandum
from Tebogo Mafole, page 29 [.pdf file]

Intensify the Struggle!
page 30 [.pdf file]

Censorship on the Retreat
by Christopher Merrett, page 32 [.pdf file]


PLG Talks to the Fund for Free Expression
by Peter McDonald, page 33 [.pdf file]

DeGennaro Calls S.A. Boycott "Mickey Mouse"
by Salwa M. Shamy, page 34 [.pdf file]

Interlibrary Loan Offices Violate Sanctions
by Elaine Harger and Peter McDonald, page 35 [.pdf file]


Poor People's Services
from MSRRT, page 36 [.pdf file]

Nationwide Cataloguing Petition Campaign Continues
from Sanford Berman, page 38 [.pdf file]

Jack Conroy - Writer for the Dispossesed
by Harriet Gottfried, page 40 [.pdf file]

Notes on Contributors
page 42 [.pdf file]

PLG Statement of Purpose (draft)
page 44 [.pdf file]